Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 Bowman Baseball

Today I'm going to do a quick review of 2015 Bowman Baseball. I broke a retail rack pack.

Bowman's brand lays their claim as "Home of the Rookie Card" although I think "Home of a bunch of guys you will never see in an MLB game" might be more accurate. Famous for the big prospect rushes... Harper, Strasburg, etc. etc.

Here are the highlights from my pack:

 The "First Bowman Card" is a big part of these sets. Carlos Asuaje is in Portland playing for the Sea Dogs.
 Somehow this is Scott Schebler's first Bowman Card despite being in the Dodgers org. since 2010.
Jose Valdez makes his first Bowman appearance at age 32 after being in pro baseball since 2000, originally in the Yankees organization.
 Josh Bell is working his way through the Pirates organization.
 This serial numbered parallel of Greg Bird (/250) highlights the #4 Yankee prospect.

 Here are a couple of our base veteran cards.

Despite being the "Home of the Rookie Card" this was my only Rookie Card in the pack of 22 cards. So far a career .220 big league hitter.

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