About The Flapless Helmet

The point of this blog is to mainly talk about baseball cards and show box/pack breaks. I used to write the blog Wax Pack Geek. I have terminated that blog now but I may upload some classic posts here. Sometimes I'll show bits of my collection. I also contribute to apacktobenamedlater.blogspot.com  

FAQS: What players/teams do you collect? My main home team is the Red Sox but I collect and follow many teams. Some of my favorite players to collect include Tim Wakefield, Charlie Hough, Phil Niekro, and other knuckleball pitchers. I follow a lot of stars from the 80's and 90's.
Do you make any money collecting cards? No, and I don't know anyone who does. Sometimes I'll sell a card that pays for the pack/box if I'm lucky.  

What is the most you have ever sold a card for? I sold the Edgar Martinez 1/1 from this rip for $300.  

What are your favorite baseball sets? Topps Archives, 2004 UD Timeless Teams, 1996 Leaf Signature, 2012 SP Signature, 1980 Topps.

Do you ever open non-baseball products? More and more lately. On A Pack To Be Named Later we are trying to open one pack of every card product ever made so I chase bizarre packs from time to time.  Non-sport products I've really liked included Parks and Recreation and Star Trek. 

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